Frequently Asked Questions

  • I want equity and need the equipment long term

    Our leases are designed so that you own the equity and have flexible options at the end of your term. You are able to return the equipment, re-lease it, or trade the equipment and take advantage of the equity you have built. You will receive the equity towards a trade based on the difference of the residual buyout and the trade valuation.

  • Do you offer warranties on your leased equipment?

    Of course, and we highly recommend exploring the warranty options that we offer. This is truly a peace of mind way to know that you can use the equipment as you need at a price you know. No hidden or unpredictable costs with leasing, especially when you have a warranty on your equipment. We also are able to structure your lease with the warranty included.

  • Why Leasing?

    We can help you save time and hassle in finding credit for purchasing equipment. If you haven’t considered leasing as a viable option for your operation, then consider some of these leasing benefits and how they will fit in to your operation. Leasing allows you to:
    • Preserve your capital and strengthen your balance sheet
    • Spend less up front
    • Test drive whether the equipment fits your operation
    • Easily upgrade your equipment
    • Keep pace with emerging technology
    • Structure in-house terms around your cash flow demands
    • Enjoy immediate tax advantages
    Don’t get stuck with old equipment that you don’t need. We are in a fast pace and emerging business. Keep up with the advancements in technology and the changes of your operation. Talk to your 21st Century Equipment professional and consider a lease with Panhandle Acceptance Company.