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Client Spotlight

Hear it from one of our clients

“My wife, Brenda, and I were looking to pick up more custom farming and farming acres. We were working with our local dealer and we just weren’t having much success with the current way they were running things. I had a guy that gave me 21st Century Leasing’s phone number and that was the best thing that has happen to our business in the last few years. By the next day we were in contact with Cory Huber on financing options, I have never in my life had such a smooth experience with an equipment dealer. Over the next two weeks we were having our S670 Combine, 635D Draper head, and 1197 Brent Grain Cart delivered. I can’t say enough about Cory, and Dennis, but even down to their truck drivers are kind and courteous. Even though all the paperwork/contracts could have been signed and emailed back and forth, they even put forth the extra effort to put in a personal touch to come down, meet us in person, have lunch with us, and signed contracts. It definitely made an impression, it took an impersonal email conversation or just a business transaction and made it into a personal “joining the family” meeting. In the coming months we experienced more growth and needed another Tractor.
We were in a jam and within a few days of the first phone call we had a tractor delivered to us. Over the last few months we have purchased a 612C Corn Head, 2623 VT Tool, 2100 No Till ripper, 4830 Sprayer, 1795NT 24Row Planter, and a 2600L Side dress bar. The equipment that we have been running from 21st Century is top notch, clean, field ready and when we have had little issues they have been there to handle them quickly.

We look forward to our relationship we are building with 21st Century and hope to pass it on to our next generation of farmers in our family. Overall the best John Deere buying experience we have had in 20yrs of farming. We wear their logo with pride.

Travis Meyer