Reducing Uncertainty In Farming—and In Life

Farming is filled with uncertainty, and this year had more than its share.  Dealing with the unknown makes it tough to manage and plan—and that makes life more complicated, not simpler.
Early in my career, I helped a local producer with fall work.  He noticed how stressed out I was at the end of the year—and he told me it was because I had too much uncertainty in my life.  I realized he was right, and I asked him how he handled all the unknowns in farming and in life.  A few days later, he gave me the list you see here.
It’s a simple list with simple concepts.  But at the start of each year, I review it and hit my internal reset button to generate a new attitude and new plan.  It works for me—and I hope it helps you as well.
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7 Ways to Eliminate Uncertainty
  1. Focus on your health first Uncertainty leads to stress which leads to poor health. Exercise and take care of yourself. Without you, where is your operation?
  2. Plan ahead
  3. Prepare for different outcomes Consider the alternatives and do what you can to ready yourself for them.
  4. Cope and adapt Your environment changes often. Don’t get hung up on the changes. Find the good and move on.
  5. Control what can be controlled Be proactive in managing what you can. And when things happen that aren’t in your control, what you can control is your reaction.
  6. Know your financial strengths and weaknesses Do what you’re best at—and get advice and counsel when you’re unsure of your ability to make a sound decision or investment.
  7. Recognize opportunity and act Take advantage when opportunity knocks—and don’t wait for the next best thing to come along.